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How to Plant Sweet Potatoes a number of ways

Learning how to plant sweet potatoes is a great idea, especially if you love this type of potato but can’t afford to pay the high cost per potato at the grocery store. Some stores will charge two to three dollars per potato. Regular white potatoes are significantly more affordable and are usually sold in bulk.  Sweet potatoes are a much better option nutrition-wise, than white potatoes and don’t contain as much starch. These veggies grow on a vine. This vine can actually be considered pretty invasive and if you’re not careful you may end up with sweet potato creepers taking over your whole garden.

How to Plant Sweet Potatoes: When is the Best time to Plant?

This type of plant can grow with very little fertilizer and water, making them less high-maintenance when compared to other veggies. They can be prepared in a number of ways, so they make the perfect staple in any pantry. You can also use sweet potatoes as a living mulch or to prevent weeds from growing.

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This is a fast growing vine that covers the ground. A warm weather veggie, how to plant sweet potatoes should be done during a long warm season for a higher yield.

Growing this veggie requires lots of space and sunlight. These veggies love the sun and hot weather, so the hotter it gets the faster they will grow. If you want to learn how to plant sweet potatoes and grow them fast, you should use cuttings. Cut about thirty centimeters of a vine, removing all the leaves with the exception of the small leaves located at the tip. Plant this cutting, covering the entire length with soil, only leaving the tip with the leaves above ground. These cuttings will root at every leaf node. Sweet potatoes also grow roots from nodes that form as the cutting continues to grow.

If you’re unable to get your hands on a vine cutting, how to plant sweet potatoes can be done by planting the tubers. Just use any store bought sweet potato. Place the tubers on the ground, covering them with soil and keep them moist. These tubers will form shoots. These shoots can be pulled off and  planted once they have reached fifteen centimeters in size.

You should use a sandy soil mixture when growing sweet potatoes.  If your garden contains heavy soil you’ll need to plant this veggie on ridges or mounds. If you raise the beds you’ll improve the drainage, giving these tubers a rich deep soil to grow in.

How long does it take Sweet Potatoes to Grow?

How fast these tubers grow will mainly depend on the weather.  Typically, after three to five months, your potatoes should be ready for harvesting. In hotter climates, sweet potatoes can grow at an even faster rate. You can harvest the leaves and young sweet potato shoots at any time.